All Frostgrave products currently available:

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord (Campaign and Expansion)

Frostgrave: Tales of the Frozen City (Fiction Collection - Not by me!)

Frostgrave: Sellsword (ebook mini expansion - includes rules for Captains!)

Frostgrave: Hunt for the Golem (ebook mini campaign)

Frostgrave: Dark Alchemy (ebook mini campaign for playing solo or co-op. New potion rules)

Frostgrave: Into the Breeding Pits (New Rules for Underground, Beastcrafter wizards)

Frostgrave: Forgotten Pacts (New Rules for Demons)


Arachno Assassins in Frostgrave (Stats for a great set of Reaper Miniatures)

Standing in the Eye! (A charity scenario)

Troll Hunt (A scenario for wizards who think they are so tough...)

Magazine Articles

The Frostgrave Auction (Found in Wargames Soldier and Strategy Issue 83)

   Extra Content for Above Article (Posted on this Blog)

Scenario: The Bridges of the Mal Dreath (Tabletop  Gaming Issue 3)

Skeletal Archers in Frostgrave (Wargames Illustrated Issue 341)

The Cuelebre (In Spanish - Falcata Issue 1) [Rules for a dragon-like creature]

Planar Storm (Miniature Wargames #4050 [Scenario for use with Forgotten Pacts]

Campaign Days

The Lost Formula (written for Wargames Illustrated Frostgrave Campaign Day)

[The link for this on the Wargames Illustrated Pages seems to be broken at the moment.]


  1. Any chances for english version of "The Cuelebre" on blog or other place/magazine?

    1. Probably not. The Cuelebre is a legendary Spanish monster and the piece was written specifically for that magazine.

    2. Use Google translate. Slap it in and then read threw it and make some adjustments so its understandable. Prob only take 10min

  2. Hi, I recently played a Frostgrave game with a friend who increased his wizard Fight stat to +5. As a result this wizard is now better at fighting than a barbarian. Is that intended? Should wizards be capped at +2 fight and focus on the traditional wizard role by increasing health and will stat or be more efficient in spell casting?

  3. Hey Guy. Yes, it is intended. If wizards want to focus on fighting, they can. Even with the +5, wizards are still better off avoiding combat - especially with the bigger fighters. Yes, he's now a better fighter than the Barbarian, but only by a very small amount, and loosing your wizard is MUCH worse than loosing your Barbarian.

  4. Hello Guys,
    I am from the german Facebook frostgrave Group. In our Group we had and have the discussion what exactly is a Barbarian Berserker and were can we find his stats in the books?

  5. Basically, when the game added a specific group called 'Barbarians' in Forgotten Pacts, I needed a way to avoid referring to a figure as a Barbarian Barbarian. (In the same way you might say a Gnoll Barbarian). So I called them Barbarian Beserkers instead.

  6. In our last game we could not agree on how falling damage is calculated. Do we subtract the armour from 1.5 × falling height?