Monday, 6 February 2012


I am currently undergoing a massive re-evaluation of my miniatures collection. Over the years, I have accumulated hundreds, if not thousands, of figures. I could assemble a scores of armies from dozens of different historical periods or fantastical words. But what began as the enjoyment of endless possibility, has begun to weight me down with the seeming impossibility of ever completing it all. 

So I am pruning down the collection, slowly selling off items I am never likely to use, and focusing in on the projects that are most important to me.

One of the projects I have been working on the longest, and that I am most found of, is my Warhammer 40K Demon Hunters Army.  I have started this army twice, once in each of my countries.  Soon, I hope to pull out all of the pieces, reform them into one fighting force, and, under the leadership of Inquisitor Lord Voulgaris, send them out in the battle-carrier Black Moab to scour the galaxy for evil in all its forms. 

As I was going through my unpainted miniatures, I recently came across this little guy.  It occurred to me that the Black Moab would probably carry its own printing press, and this guy would be a perfect candidate to run it. I had a ball painting him.  As much as Games Workshop has made me unhappy with many of their decisions over the last ten years, they still produce some of the nicest figures on the market. 

More on the adventures of the Black Moab coming soon.

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