Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Royal Guard of Tolfolas (Join the Glaurung)

When Prince Althérion of Tolfolas joined the heroes of the Glaurung, he also brought a small contingent of his household guard with him. Although young, these soldiers are highly trained, battle-tested, and above all, devoted to the protection of the Prince.

* * *
As soon as I painted up the figure for Prince Althérion, I knew that I also wanted to include some soldiers of Tolfolas among the crew of the Glaurung. I wanted the figures to be distinct from the soldiers of Minas Tirith, but also, because they are mainly dressed in blue, I didn’t want them mistaken for soldiers of Dol Amroth either. After seeing what was available, I bought a pack of soldiers of Arnor.
The only thing I didn’t like about these figures was their spears. In general, I don’t like metal miniatures holding spears in one hand. They invariably get bent and never get straight again. (This happens to all metal miniature weapons, but looks worse with spears). So, I clipped off their spears and gave them each a short, heavy sword. I thought this weapon was a good fit with the heavy shield. I also gave the swords long hilts so they could be wielded two-handed, should a solder be caught without his shield.

These figures were relatively quick to paint, as they are predominately silver and blue, without too much detail. The only exception is the shields, which were a bit tricky to paint with their intricate decoration. I suppose these are symbols of Arnor, but they meant nothing to me, so I’m happy to have them represent the Princedom of Tolfolas.

With these guys finished and ready to sail, I’ve only got two figures left to paint to reach the full complement of thirty that I wanted for the Glaurung.

The ship is almost ready to sail. 

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