Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ranger of the North

After a little break, I have picked up the paint brush again, and the first thing I have finished is this Ranger of the North. This might be my favourite single figure in the whole of The Lord of the Rings range. It is just so classically Middle-Earth, combining rugged, practical clothing, with an elegance and nobility. I mainly painted him in earthy colours, browns and greens, although his under-tunic is actually violet (this doesn’t seem to have come through in the photo well). 

My only disappointment with this figure is the pack it came in. The blister contained three Rangers of the North, and I should have loved them all. Unfortunately, the other two figures, both of which are holding spears and bows are both in rather awkward poses. I will still paint them up, as they aren’t terrible figures, they just don’t compare with this archer.


  1. nice figure, well painted. These are on my list for my own Lotr project, but then so are most things....

  2. Cool figures - nice pose, and I do like his nom de guerre.

  3. I don't like the spear men poses either.