Friday 24 July 2015

Frostgrave Scenario: Troll Hunt

Time for a little Friday fun. There has been a lot of talk on various forums about 'balance' in Frostgrave and how some warbands can become much more powerful than others. That's true. It's part of the price of playing a game with lots of random treasure tables and ways to earn experience points. However, I believe with only a bit of effort players can create scenarios that can easily address this imbalance. Here is my own quick attempt. It's unofficial, and I have not play-tested it. So if anyone gives it a try, let me know how it comes out.

(A player may call for this scenario whenever he is facing a wizard who is ten levels, or more, higher than his own).

Two days ago, an errant fireball came crashing through the door of the ruins where the snow troll Gronash made his home. The resultant explosion destroyed two small barrels of wine and a rangifer carcass that Gronash had been looking forward to devouring. Needless to say, Gronash was not pleased. Calling upon a couple of his cousins, Gronash has gone off in search of the wizard who destroyed his dinner.


Set up the table as per a standard game of Frostgrave.

Special Rules

During the creature phase on the first turn of the game, a snow troll figure should be placed at each of the middle points of the two side board edges (the sides not used by the warbands to enter the table). These snow trolls may act immediately. In the creature phase of the second turn, a third troll enters the board in the same fashion as the previous two. Roll a die to determine on which side of the board he enters.

These trolls have caught the scent of the wizard they believe to be responsible for the destruction. They are only interested in teaching him and his gang a lesson; they are not concerned with anyone else. The trolls follow the standard rules for creatures with the following exceptions.

-       These troll are highly motivated and have a Movement of 6.
-       The trolls are uninterested in the warband of the lower-level wizard. Ignore these figures when determining the troll’s movement. Trolls will not force combat with these figures. They are never considered In Combat with a member of this warband unless a figure from that warband is in base-to-base contact and declares an attack on the troll.
-       If a troll would normally take a random movement, it instead makes one move in the quickest line towards the higher-level wizard. (If there is any doubt about this line, the lower-level wizard gets to move the troll).
-       If the higher-level wizard is killed or flees the board, the trolls start moving toward the nearest board edge. At this point, they will not move into contact with any figure, nor force combat. They will move around any figure that is in the way.

Treasure and Experience

Treasure is the same as in a standard game of Frostgrave. Calculate experience in the normal fashion with the following additions.
                +25 Experience for each snow troll killed by the higher-level wizard.
                +25 Experience for the lower-level wizard for each snow troll that exits the board or is still on the board at the end of the game.


  1. Many thanks to everyone who commented on game balance. It is an important issue, and one that I am continuing to monitor and think about. In the end, how big an issue it is, and what may or may not be needed to correct it will be up to individual players. The scenario above is just one such to potentially deal with any imbalance and perhaps not even the best.

    For now, can I ask that we leave that issue aside with regards to this post and confine any comments to thoughts about he scenario itself.

  2. Hi Joe

    Just decided to take the plunge on Frostgrave having read so many great reviews. Don't quite recall ever seeing a game have so much impact on forums as yours - good luck sir...

    The Shed will not doubt feature Frostgrave in the near future

    All the Best

    Eric the Shed

    (PS I work just down the road in Abingdon and regularly stay in Oxford - would be happy to buy you a beer.)

  3. Thanks Eric, the game does seem to have caught people's imaginations!

    I'll keep my eye on the Shed (as I always do). I really should make it down to the Abingdon club sometime. We'll talk when I get back. I'm not much of a beer man, but I drink more coke than is good for me!

  4. Is there a club in Abingdon?

    I only go in every so often...home and shed are in sw london



  7. One of the things I hated about RPG's was that leveling up makes characters untouchable to lower end creatures. I think Frostgrave strikes a much better balance. When you level up you improve alot and feel like your getting rewarded. But you don't feel like things stop been a threat. Your never going to have a boring scrap with rats or goblins. With a D20 roll. You know you can die. This is frustrating to some people. But I think it's very realistic. Makes the defensive spells have huge value, an means there is always a chance your wizard might not make it. Think this is one big reason why the Frostgrave system appeals to me over RPG.
    This game should always carry a risk an we should never worry if we have to reroll a wizard sheet.
    No safety net for Wizards. Enjoy the challenge.