Friday, 8 February 2019

Tigger vs. the Fox

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk, typing something really profound, when I glanced out the window and saw a large fox staring at me from the end of the driveway. I slowly reached for my camera, but as soon as he saw it, he ran down the side of my house.

I dashed to the back window, and saw him trotting across the grass. Once again, I lined up a shot, when out of nowhere, our cat, Tigger, leapt at the fox and chased him in circles around the garden. Eventually, he cornered him under the little fruit trees. I was just able to snap this grainy shot, before the fox bounded on top of the fence and down the other side. 

Tigger did not pursue.

Although the two never came into contact in this altercation, the fox was sporting a nasty claw wound on its flank (just visible in the photo). So maybe that had met before.


  1. Wow. Winterwatch in your back garden.

  2. That is a larg fox I have a family that live in my woods and he looks at least 50% bigger than the largest one I have seen.

  3. I was drying off my lurcher's paws in the front porch recently when a squirrel appeared at the front steps, immediately followed by a large fox that had been chasing it. I've never seen 2 animals do such a classic double-take when they realised there was a large hound 2' away from them, but luckily for them with her back to the door! They both made a speedy exit in opposite directions and my great hunting dog was completely oblivious :)

  4. Never underestimate a moggie. Why do you have a couple of tyres in your backgarden? Are you trying the Batman training method????

  5. I have a video of my cat and a fox circling each other for awhile in our back yard. It was pretty amusing. There was no altercation.

  6. Take care as we have had some of our cats killed and actually eaten by foxes in the past. Old Reynard does not mess about if he's hungry enough !

    1. I had heard that, and I was wondering if I should intervene, but I must admit to not really wanting to get too near the fox...

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