The Voyage of the Glaurung is a solo Lord of the Rings campaign I am working on, inspired by the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Below you can find links to all of the posts about the campaign.

The Voyage Begins
The Glaurung Prepares to Sale
Orcs Under the Bridge (Rymond in a solo Prequel Adventure)
The Royal Guard of Tolfolas (Join the Glaurung)
Rymond the Breelander (Joins the Glaurung)
Peldroc the Hunter (Joins the Glaurung)
Altherion, the Sea Prince of Tolfolas (Joins the Glaurung)
The Glaurung - Finished
Galinor of Pelargir (Joins the Glaurung)
In the Shipyards of Dol Amroth (First look at the Glaurung)
Halvarn the Reiver (Joins the Glaurung)
Traegan of Dale (Joins the Glaurung)
Two More Join the Glaurung (Valetha & Darcaven)
The Voyage of the Glaurung (Introduction)


  1. Just stuumbled across this cool concept ... did the brave warriors ever reach that rich goal in a distant land!?!?! ... Walts

  2. Are some solo rules for that game?!?