Friday, 3 January 2014

The Dice of Mordor

Today, loyal Troll readers, I am asking for a little bit of help concerning some dice.  Sometime in the distant past, I acquired the pair of ‘Mordor Dice’ pictured here. I love these dice. They are big, easy to read, and have the flaming eye instead of a one. They are the perfect dice to roll for orcs or Nazgul or other servants of the Dark Lord. However, since some of these monsters are able to roll three dice for their attacks in GW’s The Lord of the Rings game, I’d really like to acquire another one or two.

Now, if I remember correctly, these dice were associated with The Lord of the Rings collectable card game put out by Iron Crown Enterprises in the nineties. However, I can’t find anything to confirm this online, nor do any of these dice seem to be available on ebay.

If anyone has any information on these dice, or even better, has a few they wouldn’t mind parting with, please let me know.

I’d also be interested to discover if there were any matching good-guy dice.

I know that both Games Workshop and Wiz-Kids produced The Lord of the Rings themed dice, and I might look to acquire some of those at a later date, but I think the ones I’ve got are the nicest that I have seen.

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