Sunday, 19 January 2014

Traegan of Dale (Volunteers for the Glaurung)

For the last ten years, Traegan has worked as a guard and a guide for the merchants of Dale. He has travelled to the Sea of Rhun and along the Great Road through Mirkwood. He has journeyed nearly the whole length of the Anduin and visited Isengard, Rohan, and Gondor. Now, he is ready for a new adventure and to see new lands. Thus, he volunteered to join the crew of the Glaurung.

Breged and Mandracoth had no hesitation in accepting such an experienced adventurer. Not only is he skilled with a blade, but he has also studied the night sky and can find his way by following the guidance of the stars. Though he owes no allegiance to Gondor, he provided references from numerous respected merchants.

After missing a couple of months with my broken wrist, it is good to get back to work on the story of the Glaurung. The latest hero to join the quest comes from the Laketown Guardsmen pack, just released this month from Games Workshop, which I purchased with the help of a GW voucher my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. 

It’s a notable figure for a couple of reasons. First, it is the first finecast miniature I have painted. For those not in the know, finecast was Games Workshop’s experiment in switching from resin to metal. It has generally been acknowledged by everyone (except GW) to have been a failure (or a disaster, depending on who you speak to), and most people assume it is on its way out. Thankfully my figures were free from the defects that have plagued the line, and the only real issue I have is the somewhat pathetic and hopelessly bent sword (although that could have happened just as easily in metal). What I will say about the figure is that the amount of detail is incredible. Probably the most I have ever seen on a Lord of the Rings figure.

This leads to my second point. This figure took me nearly twice as long as usual to paint, almost four hours. That’s not a complaint. It was an enjoyable four hours (watching Hobbit EE extras). That said, it didn’t make me want to dive right in on the other two figures in the pack!


  1. Great looking figure - he looks like a Medieval Russian. Best, Dean

  2. Traegan is really nice...agree with Dean, looks like a Russian too...great paintwork!

  3. It is pretty clear that Peter Jackson and co. took their medieval Russia as part of their inspiration for Lake Town, even the music used for them has a bit of an Eastern European vibe.

  4. Nicely done. I had heard finecast was far better these but I think the damage has been done as well as the cost of the figures when really it should be cheaper than metal.

    I've not seen either of the movies yet but this style of equipment for the men of dale surprised me. I couldn't tell you what I did expect but it wasn't this style its still looks good though.

  5. I wish I could paint a 28mm figure in 4 hours. Well done, in any event!