Tuesday 21 June 2016

You Can't Win Them All!

It was a good weekend for Fantasy Flight and Star Wars at the Origins Awards. They picked up Best Board Game for Star Wars Imperial Assault, Best Role-Playing Game for Star Wars Force and Destiny and Best Miniatures Game for Star Wars Armada. This last one, of course, beat out my own Frostgrave

Well, as the title says, you can't win them all. While I am slightly disappointed, I have decided that my disappointment will end by the time I have finished writing this blog. I've already had a great year, picking up two awards, and, while the Origin award is probably more prestigious, I wouldn't trade it for the wonderful experience of picking up the UK Games Expo Award in person!

The irony of the whole thing - I have never played Star Wars Armada, but I have been sorely tempted by Star Wars Imperial Assault which looks like a great (board) miniatures game. I even picked up the Boba Fett pack for the game just to get the figure! 


  1. Joe, your right in that you cannot win them all (though beating out the big companies is always an additional feather in ones cap). Best of luck & continued success with Frostgrave (the group I play with is still enjoying the game immensely!) I've also got the Imperial Assault game & if you liked Descent, you will enjoy this game! A good friend of mine ran us through a game & I quite liked it.

  2. I've never actually played Descent, though I've heard good things about it. Although it is silly, one of the things that holds me back from these games is good old fashion pencil and paper. I know there is no major difference between marking a wound on paper, and putting a wound marker next to your figure, but I just like the paper!

    1. Ohhhh a good opening for a pun...Newer games counter that!

  3. Imperial Assault is great, but it's a shame Frostgrave lost out to Armada, which I have no interest in. Ah well, hope you win plenty more awards!