Friday, 13 October 2017

Oathmark Dwarf Size Comparison

A few people have asked how the new Oathmark Dwarves compare in size to their The Lord of the Rings counterparts produced by Games Workshop. Well, luckily, I happen to have both in my collection. As you an see, there is a pretty significant size difference. In truth, it is the bulk of of the two figures that separates them the most. The Lord of the Rings figures have always been more slight, more 'true scale' than most miniatures on the market. Personally, I wouldn't use them together.

In truth, the Oathmark dwarves fit better with the other plastics produced by Osprey Games/North Star and with those produced by companies such as Gripping Beast. A few shots of the dwarves with Frostgrave Barbarians can be found elsewhere on the net.

In more important news, I painted a second dwarf! My unit is growing!


  1. Im very happy with this new game. I would like see halflings! :D

  2. Looking forward to getting my own!

  3. "Personally, I wouldn't use them together."

    Maybe the picture doesn't reflect the actual size difference, but from what I see, I would have no objection to playing against someone who used both minis in a game. I may not even notice. After all, I'm sure dwarves vary is size a bit, so why should all the minis be the same size?

    In any event, very nice work and much appreciate you sharing the size comparison.

    1. It also helps that the GW LOTR dwarf is on a taller base. I don't think I'd object to combining them either.

  4. I wouldn't object if someone else did it either, nor if I was using one and my opponent another, the difference isn't that great, but I don't think they look quite right in the same army/warband.

  5. I see wha too mean about the scale difference. The GW one looks like a child next to the Oathmark... I wouldn't complain if someone else used them, but not for me. My order went in for some of these this morning, so I'm looking forward to having a play with the kit when it arrives :)

  6. I have a ton of old Grenadier/EM4 Dwarves that I'm hoping will fit nicely with the scale of the Oathmark figures I've ordered. Can't wait to get them!

  7. They look great, but I am keen to see the orcs and goblins!