Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Chapel on the Cliffs by Joseph Crawford

One of my goals in the new year is to be a better supporter of independent/small press game publishing. There are a lot of talented and creative folks out there who are developing great stuff in relative obscurity and every little mention they get can make a big difference.

Recently, while checking out DriveThruRPG, I saw the cover for The Chapel on the Cliffs. Since I’m a sucker for a bit of undead art, I decided to take a closer look and very quickly ordered the print-on-demand.

Having now read all 40 pages, I can honestly say this is terrific fantasy role-play adventure. The adventure is designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, but could very easily be converted for use with just about any fantasy setting or rules system.

It is a low-level adventure, centred around an abandoned fishing village. There are lots of interesting locations to explore, some of which are directly related to the main plot, and some of which are not. What I really like about the adventure is its great mix of exploration/investigation and combat. Although there is going to be a lot of swordplay, it is basically impossible to succeed through combat alone. It’s been really well thought-out and developed.

In truth, with the book in my hands, most people wouldn’t believe it is a small press publication. The artwork is fabulous. The maps are terrific. The layout is great. Seriously, it’s just really well done.

At $11.95 for the print edition, and just a tad more to pick up the PDF as well, this adventure module is an absolute steal – especially for those who have fond memories of the Basic D&D modules of yore!


  1. Replies
    1. Enjoy, I feel confident that you will. (Especially if you run it for a party of pure hack n' slahers...they are gonna die hard).

  2. Hmmm an recommendations for conversion to Rangers of Shadow Deep ????

    1. As a setting and base idea it works great...rules wise, it would take some work!

  3. I purchased this on Joe's recommendation , its a good setting and story.
    I think you will have to break it down into 5 ish scenarios.
    the amount of skeletons at the end is somewhat of a
    That would have to be reduced,quite drastically..
    The other thought I had would be that the damage they done would have to be changed.
    i.e. roll d 20's for fight ,if the skeleton wins, instead of the d20 result use maybe a D4 for their damage?
    modifiers could be added/subtracted depending on level etc.
    I think the whole scenario would be fun to adapt and play but no one will want to be just wiped out through force of numbers.
    That was the first idea, I think its a suck it and see jobby. if it doerst work, just take a mulligan :)