Tuesday 12 July 2022



This terrain piece was a gift from a friend that sat in my painting queue for over a year. In truth, I was a little intimidated by it. It's got loads of detail. Actually, though, it painted up really easy, and I think it looks awesome. It's a 'Herdstone' from Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar line, which has produced some fantastic terrain. I'm sure I'll find some uses for it in my own games. I'm already thinking it would make a pretty good objective in my Rangers of Shadow Deep: Ghost Stone campaign! 

I included the latest recruit to my Dol Amroth army for scale purposes. 

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Building with Bits

Finished up my third building for my Dropship Down project. I got a little fancier with this one, in that I glued some 'bits' onto it, just to add a little visual interest and make it look more sci-fi. The bits are all vehicle parts from either Games Workshop or North Star's Gaslands plastics. I honestly think a little goes a long way with this. I'm still a long way away from a full table, but slow and steady will get me there eventually!