Bibliography of Joseph A. McCullough

Game Writing


The Wizard’s Conclave (with Various)
Blood Legacy [Forthcoming]
Wizard Eye (with Dmitry and Kate Burmak)
The Grimoire

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago


Quarantine 37 [Forthcoming]

Rangers of Shadow Deep

Rules Update [To bring original edition in line with Deluxe and Standard]
Adventure Compendium I (Collects the 4 supplements above)
Dungeons Dark (The Rescue: Part 2) [Forthcoming]
Star of Alladore (Editor, includes my small contribution The Curse of Aventine's Sword)



The Silver Bayonet [Forthcoming]

Blaster Anthology Contributions

Spellcaster Magazine

Magazine Articles

Frostgrave: Magazine Articles

The Frostgrave Auction 
(Wargames Soldier and Strategy Issue 83)
Scenario: The Bridges of the Mal Dreath 
(Tabletop Gaming Issue 3, Reprinted in Spellcaster 2)
Skeletal Archers in Frostgrave
(Wargames Illustrated Issue 341)
The Cuelebre 
(In Spanish - Falcata Issue 1) [Rules for a dragon-like creature]
The Failed Breed
 (Tabletop Gaming Issue 6, Reprinted in Spellcaster 5)
Planar Storm 
(Miniature Wargames #405 [Scenario for use with Forgotten Pacts])
Designing Ulterior Motives 
(Miniature Wargames #410) [Two exclusive Ulterior Motive cards]
The Belfry 
(Miniature Wargames #421) [Scenario that was cut from Maze of Malcor]
Dark Huntsman 
(Bexim's Bizaar #1) [Scenario with new monster]
Entering the Perilous Dark 
(Miniature Wargames #439) [New Perilous Dark Scenario]
Brycho’s Celesticord
(Frostgrave Scenario in Wargames Illustrated 393)
Enter the Perilous Dark
(Slippery Slope Solo Frostgrave scenario in Miniature Wargames 439)

Ghost Archipelago Magazine Articles

The Floating Hulk 
(Solo scenario in Wargames Illustrated 361)
The Fire Swamp 
(Scenario based on The Princess Bride in Tabletop Gaming 13)
The Diamonds of Elias Skull 
(Three Scenario Campaign in Wargames Illustrated 371)
The Infected Carcass 
(Scenario with Giant Flies in Wargames Illustrated 384)
The Treasure of Captain Flint 
(Scenario and stats for Captain Flint in Wargames Illustrated 385)
The Sunless River
(Solo Ghost Archipelago or Frostgrave scenario in Wargames Illustrated 398)

Stargrave Magazine Articles
Daleks in Stargrave (Wargames Illustrated 404)

Other Magazine Articles

10 Favourites - Wargame Mechanics
        (Wargames Illustrated, Issue 400)
Three Great Gaming Stores: Part 1
(Biographic piece from Tabletop Gaming, August 2020)
A Lifetime of Tolkien Gaming
(Biographic piece from SBG: Issue 5)
Silent Death
(Discussion of a classic board wargame in Miniature Wargames 441)
Battletech Alpha Strike
(Discussion of the ruleset in Miniature Wargames 406)
A Day in the Life of a Game Designer
(Biographic piece from Wargames Illustrated 384)

Role-Playing Games

Middle-Earth Role-Playing: The Grey Mountains (co-author)
Savage Tales: Rise, Alabama!
Dungeons and Dragons (5e): Ghosts of Saltmarsh (design credit)

Miscellaneous Writing

(Frostgrave scenario in the back of Frostgrave: Second Chances novel)
Pyres of the Rangifer
(Frostgrave scenario in the back of Frostgrave: Oathgold novel)
The River of Fire
(Ghost Archipelago scenario in the back of Tales of the Lost Isles story collection)
The Beast Pit
(Ghost Archipelago scenario in the back of Ghost Archipelago: Farwander novel)
Pit of Vipers
(Ghost Archipelago scenario in the back of Ghost Archipelago: Destiny’s Call novel)
Foreword to the Paint all the Minis Annual 2020
(Paint all the Minis Annual 2020)

Non-Fiction Writing

Non-Fiction Books

Steampunk Soldiers (co-authored with Phil Smith)
Steampunk Soldiers: The American Frontier (co-authored with Phil Smith)

Fiction Writing

Fiction Anthologies

Victory’s Knife (Self Published)

Short Stories

Gates of Katawael in Sages and Swords 
Blood Drop in Lords of Swords
Stand at Llieva in Black Gate: Volume 5
Eldritch Miers: Reunion in Adventure Mystery Tales 
By That Much in Tales from the Magician’s Skull No. 3
Deadwood in Tales from the Magician’s Skull No. 3
The Return in Tales from the Magician’s Skull No. 3
Duel’s End in Tales from the Magician’s Skull No. 3

Small Press Fiction Publications (Mostly Juvenilia) 

The Return in The Leys News
Death’s Head in Flashing Swords #9
Deep Within in Amazing Heroes II
The End of Duty in Flashing Swords Vol. 1/3
Duel’s End in Flashshots
Whispers of the Abalian in Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narrative
The Deed is Done in Samsara #9
Yadi-Ba’al in The Midnight Gallery #10
Lair of the Gandle in Alien Worlds #21
The Whore’s Fool in Gauntlet #5
By That Much in Calliope #84
The Thousand Hands of Darkness in Glyph #1
Nick Bury Knocks in Samsara #8
Pair of Jokers in Calliope #82
Dawn’s Early Light in Startling Science Stores #30
The Evil Underneath in Gauntlet #4
Race for the Reer Stone in Gauntlet #3
The Muddy Road in Gauntlet #2
Hobgoblin in Gauntlet #1
Crime by the Stone in Fantasy, Folklore & Fairytales
A Grave Digger’s Honor in Hourglass Fiction #1
The Jungle’s Black God in Nightscapes #11
Explosive Ordinance Retrieval in Startling Science Stories
The Forsaken in The Catalyst Vol. 11/2
When the Dead Come to Die in The Catalyst Vol. 11/1
Eldritch Miers: Reunion in The Catalyst Vol. 10/3