Tuesday 6 December 2011

Great Gifts for Geeks – Transformers USB

In my humble opinion, the recent Transformers movies have the worst dollar-earning to movie quality ratio in the last five years.  Okay, I only watched the first one, but that was enough to convince me not to watch the rest, and most people seem to agree that it is the best of the lot.  But there was a time when Transformers were cool. Back in the eighties when they existed only in cartoons, comic books, and toys.  In those days, everyone’s favourite Decepticon was Shockwave, the big blue robot who could turn into a boom box and fire out cassette tapes that turned into robot animals.
There isn’t much call for cassette tapes anymore. These days we used DVDs or USBs. So it makes sense that a modern Shockwave would spit out USBs (or Ipods) and that they would turn into cool robot animals.  Well, here you go! A USB Decepticon that transformers into a jaguar! I can’t find them for sale on any specific site, but if you search for Transformers USB on ebay, you should come up with several.

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