Friday, 6 April 2012

Miniature Friday – Warlord Werewolf

One of the most recent figures to come off my painting table is this werewolf from Warlord Games. Technically it is a Nazi werewolf, but the only indication of that is the Iron Cross he wears on his collar. It’s an oddly proportioned figure with the top half being much larger than the bottom.  In a lot of figures this would have bother me, but for this one it seems to work, making the creature more threatening and monstrous.   I especially enjoyed painting the figure’s bare flesh, where its rippling musculature helped with the highlights and shading.
I remember reading in the Silmarillion that one of Sauron’s early postings (back when he was just a servant of Morgoth) was as the keeper of the Isle of Werewolves.  I don’t think it really goes into any detail about the island, but it is one of those ideas that has remained bouncing around my mind over the years. I’m thinking I might need to collect a few more werewolf models so I can run my Demon Hunters through a Werewolf Island scenario.

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