Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Crashed Out

Well, I’m done cycling for the week and possibly for the rest of the year.

I came off my bike again this morning.  I was rounding a corner at the bottom of a hill when I hit a patch of invisible ice, and the wheels went out from under me.  My left knee hit first, followed by my hands, and I ended up sliding a on my belly for a meter or two. Thankfully, it was on an infrequently used backstreet, and there was no traffic.

My first thought was to panic over my recently healed shoulder, but a quick check seemed to confirm that it was fine.  My knee and right wrist, however, were not so good.  I dragged the bike off the road and sat down on a nearby bench, just as the shock set in.  For a few minutes, I was light-head and nauseous, but it passed.  Then I checked my parts. My knee had a serious bruise but seemed to work okay.  My wrist had full movement but hurt when I applied pressure. 

I pushed the bike the last mile to work, where I gratefully collapsed into my chair.  A few painkillers got me through the day, and now I’m safely at home, banged up, but I think uninjured.

For now, I’ve had enough.  Earlier this year I was very lucky that when I broke my shoulder it didn’t prevent me from going to Africa.  Considering how much I’m looking forward to flying home for Christmas in a few weeks, I just don’t want to risk it.  Even more than usual in the winter, Oxford is a very wet place at the moment.  At 7AM when I set off to work, there is a lot of frost on the ground, and thin sheets of ice everywhere.  My cycle route is mainly over back roads and little used cycle paths, which are prone to puddles and standing water. 

I will reassess if the weather warms up a little, but for now, I’ll grab my book and take the bus.

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  1. hope your better in the morning and not too banged up. Take it easy for a bit and enjoy your book.