Monday, 23 September 2013

Zombie Book Signing

Last Thursday I had my ‘big’ book signing at Forbidden Planet, London. I didn’t expect too much from it. Unless you are a famous author or a television personality, people don’t usually come to your book signing.

As it turned out, I had nine people come up and ask me to sign their book. I suspect all nine just happened to be in the store when the announcement was made, but no matter, it was fun and exciting. For ten minutes, I had a little line of people waiting for my signature. A tiny taste of fame was enough.

I also had to sign twenty copies for people who had pre-ordered the book online so it could be shipped to them. (Big thanks to any Troll readers who might have ordered!).

After the ‘crowd’ died down, the guy in charge asked me to sign the other 71 copies they had. Looking back, signing my name 100 times within an hour is probably a personal record.

I had a nice chat with the organizer while I was signing, talking about all the different people they’ve had in lately. The last person before me it was Bruce Boxleitner!

Anyway, I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad it is done.

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