Saturday 4 January 2014

First Miniature of the New Year – Orc Captain

Last night I sat down and painted my first miniature of the new year, start to finish. I decided to go with an orc because it is also the first miniature I have tried to paint since the cast came off my wrist, and I figure orcs have more ‘margin for error’ than most miniatures. That is, since they are supposed to look scruffy and grimy, a bit of wayward paint here and there wouldn’t be a big deal.

Well, the wrist proved no great handicap, and I was thoroughly pleased with the results. I think this specific orc is actually part of an artillery crew, but his pose, and his overall seriousness, make him look like a captain to me. I’m sure he’ll be leading a detachment of orcs in one of my games soon enough.

One of the elements I really liked about The Lord of the Rings films was the great variety that Peter Jackson used for the orcs. All of the different body types, skin tones, and facial appearances made the orcs much more visually interesting (especially compared to their beefy younger brothers, the Uruk-hai, who were a bit dull in their uniformity).

I haven’t actually been able to spray him with sealer yet, because of the wind and rain. A typical day in England over the last two weeks.

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