Tuesday 19 April 2016

Frostgrave - Bringing You Up To Speed

First up, thanks to everyone who has responded so far to the Experience Points blog! The response has been overwhelming and real food for thought. There is actually a lot more variety of experience systems being used than I realized! More on that later.

A few people have recently asked me about what exactly is available for Frostgrave and where it can be found. So, I have created a new link at the top of this blog for Frostgrave where I'll keep links to all of the Frostgrave products currently available. For the moment though, here's a quick recap of everything:

Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City

This is the basic rulebook. It contains all of the rules you need to get started.

Frostgrave: Sellsword

This short, ebook, mini-supplements contains the rules for Captains, a new type of soldier than can gain experience and learn tricks of the trade. Captains are probably the biggest rules addition to the game so far.

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord

The first, full-length print expansion for Frostgrave. This book contains 10 linked scenarios that chart the rise of the evil Lich Lord. It also includes a few new spells, some new soldier types and lots of new treasure and creatures.

Frostgrave: Hunt for the Golem

This ebook, mini-supplement contains a three-scenario campaign and some new magical treasure relating to constructs.

Frostgrave: Tales of the Frozen City

A fiction collection with 11 short stories by 11 different authors set in the Frozen City.

Coming Soon! 

Frostgrave: Dark Alchemy

Out in just a couple of days, this new ebook, mini-supplement has a three-scenario campaign designed to be played either solo or co-operatively with two players. It also contains an expanded potions table.

Frostgrave: Into the Breeding Pits

The next print supplement, due out in July. It includes rules for playing games underground including traps and secret passages. It also introduces some new magic, the lost spells of the Beastcrafters! Look out for the special 'Nickstarter Pre-Order Campaign' launching in June!


  1. Very nice list you've compiled here Joe. Good to have an official list of things straight from you.

    Thanks for a good game and staying in so close touch with the community! That is a very huge thing for a game like this.

  2. I'm really excited to see Dark Alchemy as I've been trying to think of ways to make the game more co-operative! I play with a few people (my kids mostly) that are not very aggressive miniature players (they're more role-players) and when playing Frostgrave they tend to walk on the table, grab the closest treasures, maybe fire off a spell or two and scarper with a minimum of contact with the other warbands. I think they will enjoy a co-op campaign immensely!

  3. Dear Joe,

    For dark Alkemy you talk about a solo player. Does this mean that the player only fighting game (without another players)?

    Thnaking you in advance, have a nice day


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  5. What about the Mission that feature in magazine, Joe. What are they called and which magazine d othey feature in?

    1. Yes, of course, I've added them to the Frostgrave page at the top of the blog?

  6. Joe,

    Have you considered introducing the fantasy races into Frostgrave. I was thinking along the lines of having special condition for Elves, Orcs and Dwarves etc.

    My initial thoughts are to give each race a predisposed school of magic, giving a -2 on the casting rolls for spells from their predisposed school. For Dwarves this would be Enchanter, Orcs would be Necromancer and Elves would be Thaumaturge. This does not mean that a wizard from a particular race has to come from their predisposed school - just that they are racially more adept at spells from that school.

    To balance this I would introduce an abhorrent school of magic for each race and ban that race from ever learning a spell, or casting a scroll, from that school. Elves would abhor Chronomancy (they are immortal so meddling with time will frighten them), the dyslexic Orcs would abhor Sigilism while Dwarves would abhor Illusionism (not real honest magic in Dwarven eyes). You'll note that each abhorrent school is one of the the neutral schools from that races predisposed school.

    I would also adjust the Stats slightly for soldiers as well as wizards. I'm thinking along the lines All elves would get +1 on shoot but -1 on health but +2 on the survival table. Dwarves get +1 fight and Health but -1 move. Orcs get +1 fight but -2 will and -1 on armour (it'll be rusty.) I'd probably shift the max level a stat can be improved to align with my thoughts above. +1 on a stat means that race can take it to +7, -1 on a stat means that it can only go to +3 and I'd limit an orcs will to +5.

    Undecided whether apprentice race need to be ties to the wizards race - probably.

    Anyway just some random thoughts as to how I would introduce variance with the various fantasy races yet maintain the beautiful balance that Frostgrave achieves. Needless to say these are not robustly play-tested yet but seem to work when I've tried them.


  7. Paddy, I know a lot of people would like to see fantasy races added to the game, but I have purposely avoided this for two reason. First, by having generic stats it allows people to use whatever minis they want. Instead of having just a few races, it means all races are possibilities. More importantly, I have found in other games that racial stats tend to embalance the game. For example, in Frostgrave, I think Movement is a much more important stat that fighting, but I'm not sure to what level and I don't know that I could really balance that out. Still, the game is designed for people to make whatever house rules they want, so give it a go!