Sunday 16 July 2017

50 Bananas!

It's incredible how quickly time passes. Approximately one year ago, I set myself a challenge to eat 50 bananas, a fruit I have never liked and always generally been suspicious about. You can read all about it in this post.

I actually completed the challenge in about three months, but with everything that has been going on in life, I never got around to writing about the results. Which is a shame, because the results were rather extraordinary.

My two main gripes against bananas were that I didn't like the texture, and I didn't like the taste. The first few I really had to choke down. They were just so squishy...

My issue with the texture actually disappeared rather quickly. Certainly by banana 10, I wasn't even thinking about it. I mean really, most food ends up a big squish mess anyway. The taste issue took longer, but day by day, I could actually detect a change. Slowly my reaction to the taste went from very unpleasant, to just unpleasant, to indifference, to very mild enjoyment.

It's true, by the time I had eaten the fiftieth banana, some three months after I ate the first, I just slightly enjoyed the experience.

Since I finished my challenge, I have eaten bananas irregularly. (They are just so cheap versus their nutritional value!). They are still way down on the list of fruits I enjoy eating, but they are on the list.

So, does this prove that you can make yourself like certain foods? Perhaps not, but it certainly showed me that eating something numerous times can definitely change my opinion of them in a positive way.  Next up - corguettes!


  1. Congrats on achieving your goal. My wife only eats bananas when they are still ever so slightly green. One brown spot and it's too far gone for her.

    Marmite after the courgettes ?

  2. haha, nice update. I hope the same applies to this disgusting protein supplement I'm drinking for the next few months (banana flavour).

  3. Entertaining. You have also increased your radiation exposure by 1 dental X-ray of Banana Equivalent Dose....

  4. Well done impressive show of determination. My father, ancient now, only eats bananas when they go completely brown and squishy, as a sandwich filling. The older generation has a lot to answer for :-)

  5. Little and often of pretty much everything is good for you. My family can't understand what I pretty much eat everything a little like a grazing goat ! Courgettes are fine they only become squashed if you overlook them .......

  6. Courgette is perfect in a good ratatouile. Aubergine, Courgette, Peppers and Onion in a rich tomato sauce, maybe with a little cream cheese stirred in, a good red wine and large hunk of tasty granary or multi-seed bread on the side...?

    So good!

    Try it for your courgette challenge. BBC good food has a fantastic recipe if your interested.