Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Witch of Mount Gramos

A new Warriors of Athena campaign!

I have just received Issue 92 of Wargames: Soldiers and Strategy which includes  'The Witch of Mount Gramos' a three-scenario campaign I wrote for Warriors of Athena. If you are not aware of Warriors of Athena, it basically takes my Frostgrave rules and uses them to play solo wargames in the world of Greek Myth. To use this new set of adventures, you'll need both the Frostgrave rulebook and the original set of Warrior Athena rules found in Wargames: Soldiers and Strategy Issue 86.

In this campaign, your ancient hero has to scale the heights of Mount Gramos, battling a giant, a nest full of harpies, and a witch who has offended the gods of Olympus.

The main theme of the issue is Napoleonic, but it also includes articles covering the American Civil War, Ancients, Medieval Japan and more. 


  1. Will be rushing out to buy this weekend, loved Warriors of Athena :-)

  2. Great next step - will there be a third? :-)

  3. Who knows. I always seem to come back to Greek Myth every so often.

  4. I see everything up to issue #91 in PDF... Maybe it just takes a bit for the PDF version to be posted?

  5. Love this, Joe - I hadn't picked up on the Warriors of Athena rules first time around, but have just downloaded the back issue from WSS. It's nice to have a single-player variant and the world of Greek mythology offers an endless supply of great scenario ideas. I'll join others in asking for more!

    1. Glad to hear it Matt! I will, for now, just say that writing this article has helped inspire me to bigger things...