Friday, 8 December 2017

Dragons have come to Frostgrave!

Which is my dramatic way of saying that Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine, Issue 2 is now available!

You can currently purchase it from RPGNow as a PDF for $6.

A print-on-demand version is currently awaiting approval of the printed files, but it should be up any day now. The printed version will cost $9, plus shipping.

The magazine will hopefully be offered on Amazon in the near future, although, at the moment, I am having some formatting issues that are delaying it.

There are plans to make this issue available in all of the same languages as Issue 1.

To answer a question that many people have asked, I will be looking at getting Issue 1 redesigned in the new format and also made available as print-on-demand. I don't yet have a time scale for that.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the new issue. Feel free to tell me what you like and don't like about it, so that I can hopefully make Issue 3 even better.


  1. Totally love it. While not a sci-fi guy, i'm sure people will dig the mech war rules, and the new FG and GA scenarios are splendid...Can't wait to have my warband eaten by dragons!

    I did have a "I THOUGH SO!" moment when you mentioned the Bone Bats art :D Great to see that make a reappearance. I hope the other hard to find content pops up at some point, especially the Spanish creature (that magazine is now out of print)

    Top notch work. Big round of applause to everyone involved :)

  2. What a great Magazine!!! I have a full review of it over on my site in case you need more convincing or want to know what is in the second issue.

  3. Mech rules!? I might buy this just for that!

  4. Excellent, time to go spend some more money!

  5. I would absolutely go for an expanded set of rules for 'Mech combat. These are straightforward and easy to use, which would make them perfect for a weekend game with my family or the two hours I have to run a game for the students at my club. Throw in the dragon rules and this was well worth the cost of entry!