Monday, 14 June 2021

New for Rangers of Shadow Deep!


Two exciting releases for Rangers of Shadow Deep today! First up is Adventure Compendium I. This book collects the first four expansions for the game (Blood Moon, Temple of Madness, Ghost Stone, & Incinerator) into one book available in print-on-demand in both hardback and paperback. Note, this book has no new material, it’s just for collectors who want it all in a nice format.

Next up is Star of Alladore – the official Rangers of Shadow Deep Fanzine! For this book, I served as editor while inviting 5 Shadow Deep fans to contribute their own pieces. In these pages are scenarios where Rangers must quell a revolt in the heart of the capital of Alladore, investigate a hamlet stuck down with plague, explore the dungeons beneath an abandoned tower, sneak into a gnoll occupied village, and defend a group of refugees as they flee the frontlines of the war. It also includes my short piece on Aventine’s sword. Featuring Barrett Stanley’s usual dark and moody artwork, it tells a lot of stories of the war that I’d never have time to cover or would have never thought of in the first place!

For those wandering about part two of The Rescue, Dungeons Dark – I have finished writing it, Barrett has nearly finished the artwork, and I hope to be sending it to design soon. That still leaves a lot of work to do, but hopefully it should appear before the summer is out!


  1. What are the recommended levels for the scenarios in the fanzine? Would you recommend playing them as part of the main campaign and when? Would these scenarios work best as a continuation of the campaign for the 2nd low level ranger?

  2. They are mostly for low level rangers - a couple specifically mention using it for the second group of lower level rangers seen in Ghost Stone.

    1. If it is not to much trouble, you might want to include that information in the description on DriveThruRPG

  3. Great news! I am really looking forward to collecting these. Keep up the fantastic work.

  4. A welcome addition to the growing catalogue of adventures, and a good chance for a few different themes. I think you could easily expand "Treason in Tallis"; start with a ballroom scenario (leadership rolls to secure a dance partner, some sort of agility test to impress with your waltz and gain clues, maybe a side gaming room, offend someone and you have to fight a duel,) then have a raid the townhouse of a conspirator scenario for evidence/plans, and finish with the book adventure.

  5. Great news. I would like to conduct a role-playing campaign, placing Frostgrave, Allador and Oathmark Borderlands in the same world. What system of rules would you recommend for this? Should it be something related to BOSR? Technically, I can only use the Ranger rules, but I would like to give players the opportunity to play as savages, barbarians, gnolls and other characters.

  6. Hi, is there a way to have the printed version directly from Europe?