Tuesday, 24 August 2021

What I’m Working On

Okay, the truth is, I haven’t been working very much for the last three weeks. It’s the ‘Summer Holiday’ here, and I have been taking some time off to play with the kids, to read, to paint, to cycle, and to just generally recharge my batteries. 

That said, there has still been a lot going on, and a few projects that are nearing completion.

Stargrave – The first supplement, Quarantine 37 is currently available for pre-order (with some special tokens if you get it from North Star). Meanwhile, I have finished writing the second supplement, The Last Prospector, and am working with Osprey to get it polished up. I have also started work on the third supplement, Hope Eternal, which is mainly going to be one, epic solo or co-operative campaign.

Frostgrave – December will see the release of the Blood Legacy, the second Frostgrave expansion since the launch of Second Edition. This book is basically an excuse for players to buy some awesome vampire and giant models! I’m really looking forward to the release of this one, as it’s got some really different kinds of scenarios in it. The last thing I did before I shut it down for the summer was to submit the manuscript for the book after that – Fireheart. This supplement is devoted to building weird constructs and playing with really strange and deadly terrain on the table.

(I am currently in discussion with Osprey about possible supplements for both games beyond what has been mentioned here.)

The Silver Bayonet – Of course, in November, I have a new game coming out, The Silver Bayonet. This is a skirmish, warband game set in a world of Napoleonic Gothic Horror. It uses a completely new system. It’s a little simpler, and a little less ‘swingy’ perhaps, than most of my other games, but hopefully gives everyone an excuse to paint up a few Napoleonics and a hobgoblin or two! It also includes several solo scenarios, so you can get started right away!

Spellcaster – It’s been a long time since I released an issue of my Frostgrave magazine, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. I now have all of the pieces for Issue 7 turned over to the designer.

Rangers of Shadow Deep – The long-awaited Dungeons Dark, part 2 of The Rescue is now with the designer, so hopefully will be seen in the next few months. I have already started sketching out the final part, though it’s a long way off.

Other – I have been working on a mini-miniatures game that I’m planning on releasing in the next volume of Blaster (Volume 4). If you are unaware, this is a wargaming anthology series I’m a part of.  I don’t want to say much about the game yet, but it will be a full set of rules, allow you to use miniatures from literally any time-period, and uses a minimum of terrain. Watch this space!


  1. Blimey ivy; you are the hardest working designer in wargames 😁👍 This all sounds excellent. I've got my pre-order in for Quarantine 37, and I'm really looking forward to The Silver Bayonet. I'm assuming it will be a good excuse to jump on the Sludge/Turnip 28 conversion train.

  2. Look forward to seeing Silver Bayonet. You could even have a tropical counterpart as per Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago. After the Napoleonic wars many soldiers from Britain and Ireland ended up in South America engaged in the wars of Independence fighting for Simon Bolivar. Lots of local tribes, magic, mythical creatures, ancient ruins etc...?

  3. So looking forward to “Silver Bayonet.” Plan on using it for my AWI southern campaign. Have been using ROSD but I’m not the designer you are and hope to scratch my feeble re-skinning attempts for something that has been peer play tested and appropriate for horse and musket era. Southern Georgia, Alabama and northern Florida are rich in mystic acult and Voo Doo etc and can be carried up into the mid 19th cent. With the Seminole wars……..

  4. That's an excellent line-up. Particularly looking forward to the new Frostgraves now our gaming club is playing every other Friday.
    Any future Oathmark developments?

  5. For the other Americans out there, could you please link Brigade Games which fulfills the USA pre-orders?

    1. P.S., I will be pre-ordering Hope Eternal & Dungeons Dark. I'm also looking forward to Silver Bayonet.

  6. Lots of good stuff, but I'm most excited about Fireheart.

    My boys and I have been playing lots of 2E lately, and we're hungry for more!

  7. Are you still working on oathmark?

  8. I've got an Undead Giant Skeleton from Reaper that I painted years ago I've been wanting to use in a game. One time one of my players cast Undead Skeleton on a giant's body and rode on it's shoulder during a session. It would be cool to have an Undead Giant Skeleton in Frostgrave as a random monster. :)

  9. Im very excited about Silver Bayonet! Are there plans for Oathmark too?

  10. Played my first game of Stargrave this past weekend. It was great. Keep up the good work! We will keep buying your stuff.

  11. I've had the Black Powder Waterloo starter set sitting in my closet for a while with no motivation to build and paint it, but Silver Bayonet may just change that.

  12. I am very much looking forward to “Silver Bayonet “ later this year. What sort of monsters should l be working on painting up?

  13. I appreciate that you wanted to take a break from Oathmark, to recharge your batteries and work on other creative endeavors, but the game has gone over HUGE in my circles. We’re all eagerly awaiting your next supplemental material for the Marches!