Tuesday 7 September 2021

The Sawhole Scourge!


Back in my university days, I played a lot of Blood Bowl. While I still consider it one of the best games that Games Workshop has ever produced, these days, I am generally looking for quicker games - both in terms of turn turnover and in play length. So, I was really intrigued when I heard that GW had produced a game called Blitz Bowl, which basically sounded like a smaller, faster version of Blood Bowl. Unfortunately, the game was made available exclusively to Barnes and Noble in the USA. 

Well, being an immigrant does have some advantages, and I was able to get my father to send me over a copy. It arrived just before lockdown happened. And so, after reading the rules, and looking at it all wistfully, I put it on the shelf.

Britain is opening up again - at least for the present, and I've convinced a couple of chums to try out the game in a little round-robin tournament coming up.  While my version of the game came with humans and orcs, I've always been a skaven player at heart. Thankfully, the box comes with rules for the skaven, so I was able to buy a skaven Blood Bowl team and paint up half of them.

So here they are - The Sawhole Scourge! I figure Sawhole is some minor skaven holding, and playing Blitz Bowl is seen as one of the few ways to escape the place.

Painting these figures took a lot longer than I expected. It's been awhile since I've painted modern GW plastics, and I must admit the level of detail is impressive. In truth, it might be a bit more than I want to paint most of the time. That said, it think the little team looks great, and I'm looking forward to getting them on the pitch! 

I'll hopefully report back in a week or two with the results of the tournament and any further thoughts on the game!


  1. That post is dedicated to me 😋
    Like last month I was introduced to Blood Bowl game and also decided to start running Skaven team - still thinking 'bout color choice.

    Hope to see more BB stuff from you shortly!

  2. Modern GW detail is one of the reasons I love the *grave and Oathmark ranges so much. The detail is sufficient but I don't have to worry about details that I'm not enough of a painter to do justice.

  3. Excellent, I always enjoyed Bloodbowl.

  4. Want to get this, but expensive on eBay

  5. That's a great looking team! I just modeled up my own Skaven Blitz Bowl team. It's waiting for primer as I type this.

  6. That's a cool looking team. I really like the background to the game world; where it takes the grim-darkness of Warhammer, but doesn't lose sight of the ridiculous aspects of the setting; and creates a more positive, and fun atmosphere for play. A Blood Bowl RPG, set around the off field shenanigans, could be a lot of fun.

  7. Blitz Bowl is how I introduced my son to the world of Blood Bowl, but now we're moving on to Blood Bowl Sevens, which is similarly bite sized, but closer to Blood Bowl itself rules wise.

  8. Our group has given up on "official" Blood Bowl after the newest edition and the never-ending GW rules merry-go-round. We're switching over to Sevens played with the old CRP rules.

    Your rats look good!

  9. Def try Blood Bowl Sevens from the new Deathzone book for the BB2020 release, shorter turn lengths (6) and not many rerolls or players so games can be played quite quickly. Rerolls are limited to the start of the team creation, can't be bought afterwards. I find this makes the choices even more tense when you only have 1 reroll.