Monday, 11 October 2021

Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine, Issue 7

The new issue of Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine is now available in both PDF and print-on-demand from

If that cover isn't enough to sell it to you, the issue also contains:

* 'The Diamonds of Elias Skull', a 3-scenario campaign for Ghost Archipelago.

* The Maze of Malcor Outtakes, including 1 scenario and 10 weird events.

* 'The Floating Hulk', a solo scenario for Ghost Archipelago.

* The Great Wyrm, a Frostgrave ‘big game’ campaign by Brent Sinclair, 3-scenarios leading to an encounter with a dragon!

* Rules for a new character, the Archer, in Barbarian Hack.

* 'Casting Roll Criticals' in Frostgrave for Second Edition.

* 16 Ulterior Motive Cards for Ghost Archipelago.


  1. FYI
    at drive-thru RPG (USA)
    PDF / softcover / PDF + softcover
    issue #5 52 pages: $6.50 / $12 / $18.50 ($12 sale)
    issue #6 68 pages "double issue": $12 / $17.50 / $29.50 ($17.50)
    issue #7 66 pages: $12 / $16 / $28 ($16)
    I previously bought PDF + softcover issues #1-5...

    1. Basically, I add their 'printing cost' onto the cost of the PDF and then round to get the print cost. But their print costs keep changing!

  2. New ulterior motives! I'm sold! That is hands down my favorite product you've released.

    1. Glad to hear you like them! That completes a set of 40 Ghost Archipelago Ulterior Motive cards!

  3. Woo, 2E casting criticals!

    Now, when do we get them for the Pentangle? :)

  4. Just saw the silver bayonet announcement from North Star - congratulations!

  5. Ulterior motive cards ? You've been in our head office then...

  6. Thanks for the Ghostgrave content! I think it's your coolest setting. Because pirates and natives are m deal Yarr a good dude joe

  7. Hello. What advice do you have for groups looking to combine Rangers, Oathmark, and Frostgrave into a single campaign? Playing on three levels at once, using all the wonderful tools from Oathmark to create an emergent plot and equating the kingdoms of people with the kingdom bordering on Deep Shadow?

  8. Ah, well it's been a big year for you. Stargrave was a major release, so we'll forgive the lack of side projects.