Friday, 5 November 2021

Rangers of Shadow Deep: Dungeons Dark

Rangers of Shadow Deep: Dungeons Dark is available in both PDF and print-on-demand! This is the long-awaited, second chapter of the 'The Rescue' mission that began in Across the Wastes. So, if you haven't played that one, you'll want to pick it up first.

This supplement is also the first time I've written a true dungeon-crawl for Rangers. In this one, the rangers will have to sneak/fight/explore through 4 levels of rooms and corridors, never knowing exactly what will be behind each door.  You will need to create a dungeon layout for each level, but there is some guidance in the book for simple ways to do that if you aren't an avid dungeon modeller. 

Along with the scenarios, the book also contains a section on Shadow Magic, the evil magic employed by the sorcerers of the Shadow Deep. Rangers can potentially use this magic, but it comes with risks!

Because of the format, it proved to be a much longer, and much more involved book that I expected when I started. Hopefully players will consider it worth the effort!

Get it here! 


  1. Right on!!! You're spoiling us. First this, then next week Silver Bayonet! Plenty of adventure for the cold, dark days of winter!

  2. Ooh, this looks cool. 🤩