Tuesday 28 June 2022

Squad Support and Construction Equipment


Work slowly continues on my Dropship Down project. First up, I added a couple of troopers with 'squad support weapons' as theses were lacking in my platoon. I'm trying to assemble 4 man fireteams, each with a support weapon. These guys are straight Stargrave builds. Most of it comes from the Mercenaries set, though there might be some Troopers pieces in there as well.

I also finished painting a construction tractor of some sort. This is part of the Games Workshop Galvanic Servohaulers set. I wish it didn't have the big mechanicum skulls on it, but otherwise, it's a lovely piece, and a perfect bit of scatter terrain. I admit, I didn't want to spend a large amount of time painting it, so it's is primarily two colours. That said, I did take the opportunity to test out some 'Weathering Pencils' that I bought in Copenhagen. These are pretty neat as you just draw directly onto the model, and then apply a bit of water. (These come from AK Interactive). I really didn't spend long on it, but I think it did a great job of giving the vehicle an old, rusty, weather-beaten look. With a bit more time and practice, I can see these being great tools.

What's next? Well, I definitely need to build a lot more terrain. I'd also like to assemble a rocket-launcher team, to give the platoon a bit of heavy firepower in case of enemy vehicles. Then, I think it will be time for another vehicle. We'll see.


  1. It's great seeing these drop troops expand over time! Keep it up!

  2. A good addition, neatly done.