Tuesday 9 January 2024

Pyrkon in Poznan, Poland!

It's official. In June I will be a guest at Pyrkon, a large geek-gathering in Poznan, Poland!

I have never been to the convention before... in fact, I've never been to Poland before, so it should be loads of fun. 

While the program is still being worked out, I am planning on giving a talk about writing games and also participating in a few games of Frostgrave and The Silver Bayonet

Last year their miniature gaming guest was Jervis Johnson - so I've got some big shoes to fill! 

More news as I have it, but if you are Polish (or looking for a new geek adventure in another country!) and you love miniature gaming, please make sure to come by and say 'hi'. I'll be practicing how to say hello in Polish, but that'll probably be the best I can do.