Sunday 15 June 2014

The Future Before Me

Things have changed, that is for sure. Although I have seriously enjoyed them, the last few days have mainly been a constant struggle to keep the place tidy and get enough sleep. Little Freya has so far been a mild-mannered and generally quiet child. Unfortunately, she has her nights and days a bit confused. For example, my wife kept track of her feeding schedule two nights ago.

After we finally got her to sleep around 10:30 PM, she woke up for the following feeds:

11:25 PM
12:45 AM
1:47 AM
3:55 AM
4:28 AM
6:43 AM
7:48 AM

After that last one, she went to sleep for a wonderful three hours. Now, considering those feeds took anywhere from 20-40 minutes and about every other one was followed by a nappy change (or two, or once three) and you come to realize there isn't a lot of sleeping gong on there. Still, not so bad at the moment. The real test will come when I return to work.

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