Friday 13 February 2015

Dwarf Referee

While I was at home over Christmas, I dug through a few old boxes of miniatures I had in storage. For the most part, these were old, poorly painted, and generally unloved, and I will likely sell most of them off when I get around to it.  However, I also found this little guy, which I’ve decided to keep.

I don’t actually know what company he comes from, but regardless, he is obviously meant to be a referee for Blood Bowl (one of Games Workshop’s many wonderful, yet sadly abandoned, games). For a while, I puzzled over his hat, which reads ‘CHUB’.  A day or so later, it came to be out of the blue. It stands for ‘Chapel Hill Underground Blood Bowl’.  I guess there wasn’t room to paint the final ‘B’!

I went to college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and spent most of my time at Cerebral Hobbies, a (sadly long-gone) gaming store that was in the basement of a small shopping complex. It was in Cerebral Hobbies I played in my one-and-only Blood Bowl league, ‘CHUBB’.

Considering the miniature must be about 18 years old, I think the paint job is pretty good. I could have done a bit more with the basing, but how about those zebra stripes! Anyway, I’ll be keeping him now for sentimental reasons, not the strength of his paint job.

I also found the miniature of my team’s star player, but that will have to wait for a future post.


  1. What a cool looking figure and paintjob. Nice to go back over your previous work.

  2. Oh my god, Blood Bowl is the only game from GW that I truly love!

    Everything about is just ... awesome! I've even played the card game, spent a few hours on the PC-game, but I have managed to stay away from doing my own pits and side-bar things like your ref.... but seeing this, it inspires me... another project and another 15 hours wasted ;D thanks for nothing! Hehe!

  3. The miniature is from Shadowforge!

  4. Cerebral Hobbies is gone?!?! Terrible news! That's where I got my copy of Settlers of Catan and was re-introduced back into gaming back in 98 or 99. Ach. Those were the days...