Friday 6 February 2015


I know a lot of readers have started following this blog in the hopes of getting some information about Frostgrave, my fantasy, skirmish wargame, and I am sorry that I have not been more forthcoming. The truth is that there is currently a 'media-blackout' surrounding the game. There are lots of things going on behind the scenes, I'm just not allowed to talk about them. It's both exciting and very frustrating.

This will apparently change in April, when the blackout will be lifted, and I will be free to post. In the meantime, I am able to show off the final cover of the book. (Click on it to see it large!) It is just slightly different from the one that has been circulating on the internet. I hope you guys like it. I think it is pretty cool and captures the essence of the game pretty well.

I can also reveal one other little scrap of information, I am currently working on some new material for the game...


  1. Must... contain... excitement...

  2. Long term hype here ;)

    PS. That's a ├╝bercool cover.

  3. Was reading about this in the Osprey catalogue over the weekend and was wondering what was happening. Looking forward to reading/seeing more news.

  4. I wonder if there will be a demo game at Salute?

  5. OK. It's April. LAY IT ON US, BABY!