Wednesday 15 April 2015

10,000 Miles

Six years ago, I set myself a goal to cycle 10,000 miles. I'm not sure why I made this decision. At the time, I hadn't cycled consistently since I was a boy. But, I'd been watching the Tour de France, and I had bought a used mountain bike...

Well, six years, two bikes, and three broken bones later, I made it. I crossed the goal line somewhere between work and home, which is appropriate since most of those miles came on my daily commute. 

Now what? Do I go for another 10,000? Do I set my sights on 100,000? I don't think so. I don't think it is necessary. I'm still going to keep track of my mileage, because it's fun, but I don't believe I need a goal anymore. Cycling has become a part of my life. I don't do it quite as much as in years past, because my commute has gotten significantly harder, but I still enjoy it. Now, I look for opportunities to get out on the bike.

So, hopefully, me and 'Bonebreaker' still have a few milestones left to hit and adventures left to undertake


  1. That's a long way! Just remember that 24,860 miles is the circumference of the earth. Another nine years?

  2. I think Bonebreaker should feature large in FrostGrave. Somehow.