Friday 1 January 2016

Frostgrave Scenario: Standing in the Eye

I hope everyone enjoys this new Frostgrave scenario, which I decided to publish on my blog as part of a charity raising effort. I am asking anyone who plays this scenario, prints it off, or downloads it to add to their collection to please donate at least £1 to Save the Children through the MyDonate page I have set up. I am hoping to raise £500. For more information on this campaign of The Order of the Sword and Dice, please see the blog post immediately preceding this one. Enjoy your adventure into Frostgrave!

Frostgrave: Standing in the Eye

Over a thousand years ago, a wizard named Grodek Humphrizes built a walled house in the southwest corner of Felstad. In the centre of his house, he created a unique spherical chamber called the Rondure. He linked the Rondure to four permanent wizard eyes which he installed at the corners of his walls so that he could spy on his neighbours. He also linked it to the two security constructs that patrolled his grounds.

Grodek Humphrizes died in the great storm that buried Felstad, and much of his house was destroyed. However the Rondure survived, mostly intact, as did the two constructs...


Begin the set-up by placing the Rondure in the middle of the table. The Rondure can be any small chamber which is mostly made up of windows or open walls. Alternatively, just designate a small rooftop as the Rondure. Next, place four ‘wizard eye’ markers on the diagonals between the Rondure and the four corners of the board. Each marker should be 12” away from the Rondure. Fill the rest of the board with ruins and rubble as per a standard game of Frostgrave. Place treasure as normal. Finally, place two ‘security constructs’ next to the two treasures that are closest to the Rondure.

Special Rules

Any spellcaster standing within the Rondure at the start of a turn immediately takes 2 points of damage. A spellcaster standing in the Rondure may use any of the four wizard eye markers to draw line of sight for the purposes of casting spells. Unlike normal wizard eyes, these have 360 degree vision. Additionally, any spell from the Soothsayer school cast while standing in the Rondure gains +3 on the casting roll.

A spellcaster standing in the Rondure may sacrifice one action (which may be his required movement action) to take control of and activate one of the security constructs.  Take the actions for this construct at the end of the current players phase. This construct will not activate again this turn. The spellcaster loses control over this construct immediately after the phase. A spellcaster may not take control of a construct currently under the control of another player. A security construct cannot leave the board for any reason.

Treasure and Experience

Roll for treasure as per a normal game of Frostgrave. Calculate experience as normal with the following additions:
                +25 Experience if either the wizard or his apprentice begins a turn standing in the Rondure.
                +10 Experience for each security construct killed by the wizard or his warband.

Security Constructs

Security Constructs look like empty suits of armour carrying large weapons, usually a battleaxe or warhammer. They were a popular ‘budget’ option for wizards looking for a bit of household security.

Security Construct
Construct. Treat as using a two-handed weapon.

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