Wednesday 20 January 2016


Frostgrave: Sellsword is now available to purchase either from Osprey or from RPG Now. It doesn't appear to be on Amazon yet, but hopefully coming soon.

If you pick up a copy, let me know what you think!

Sellsword Contains:

Rules for Captains (Soldiers who gain experience)
3 Scenarios


  1. I've had a quick read through Sellsword and it is absolutely brilliant. The Captain will add more depth and tactics to the games and the scenarios look like a lot of fun to play (unless you're a wizard ...)

    Great work, Joseph, I'm already looking forward to the Breeding Pits!

  2. Waiting on Amazon because I have a Kindle... hope it get there soon.

  3. I was waiting for Amazon to catch up, as all my other books are on the Kindle... but caved in as I wanted to read it at lunchtime. I really like it and think the Nullmen will be an interesting addition to other missions too

  4. Null men seem to be fun for sure, the concept is very good. I looked at the captain and find him very interesting, especially the ToT which seem to be potentially very powerfull. But I would have called the captain Hero instead, since he doesn't really lead the others neither give them great benefit. And also the fee to keep the captain may need a machine to determine it since it is a procentage of a various amount instead of a fixed amount.

  5. Dead good! will be good to get a game in with the new character!

  6. Now (with a day full of Frostgrave) my little Review for the Captain:
    I'm a little bit disappointed. The Idea of Tricks of the Trade is great and way better than special Skills or some sort of Talent. Once a Game is a great Idea, too, in my Opinion. The first time I heard about the Tricks of the Trade I thought of strong and special Skills like the Feats in Warmachine. Once per Game you get something very Special.

    But now the Tricks of Trade are only Statboosts and not more (except the last one).
    Why not something like: "Once per Game you can use your extraordinary Nose and smell Invisible things in 12'". Or: "You yell at your Soldiers and give them commands. For this Round the Moral of your Soldiers is better. +1 Will for all Soldiers in 6'". I think you now know what I mean.

    The Experience System is quite ok, I think. For the Captain is Experience for killing absolutely cool.
    (Not like the Main Rules. That XP system is a little bit .... but thats another topic).

    To be clear: I love Frostgrave, but I hoped for a strong Captain with really unique once per Game feats. For that it's a little bit expensive, but I will see that in the Campaign.

  7. Dear Joe,
    I bought it but I have a question about group activation?
    Captain can actived only one or several soldiers during the soldier phase?
    Thanking you in advance


  8. During the solder phase, a captain can only activate one other soldier in a group activation, unless he is using the trick that allows him to activate 3.
    Linuo - I take your point. Part of the issue with Captains is keeping them low powered enough that they don't detract from the game being about wizards. I think there is a lot of scope for coming up with new tricks. I did tinker with including one called 'Evade' which would allow a captain to break from combat. We will see, there is more Frostgrave stuff coming.

  9. Thanks joe5mc for this extension. I did not use it yet (I played my second game yesterday)but I think I will use it as it is (despite I like to make my own changes in the rules) because it is very interesting by itself. Our last (and first game of the campaign) game was a 4 players game and it was crazy. All of us really anjoyed it, even if it lasted 4 hours we didn't want it to stop and time pasted so fast, proof it is a really good game. Waiting for next extensions. Regards

  10. Hello mr.Joe! I have one big question about last expansion. Could you please tell me why captain's group activation is used in soldier phase? As far as I can see there is no any specific benefits in this manoeuvre.

  11. Yes there is one, by using group activatin you can have several guys in contact with an ennemy model at the same time when charging, meaning they all benefit from supporting models.

    1. Sylvain, I don't need a group activation for that, it's a soldier phase and they can do same attacks without group activation.

  12. No, because you must end activation one soldier if you activated next. In this situation only last soldier will be fight with colegues overlaping enemy.