Monday 25 September 2017

Lost Colossus

The Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter is in its final week. Already, £20 will get you the rulebook, 5 treasure tokens, a special crew sheet, and 2 exclusive metal miniatures. Not bad, and there is a good shot at a third exclusive mini before it is all done. 

So, the game has not even come out yet, but I wanted to let everyone know that the journey into the Ghost Archipelago is not going to end with the Nickstarter. In fact, early next year, Osprey will be releasing the first supplement: Lost Colossus. This supplement contains ten new scenarios that have the Heritors racing around the Lost Isles, looking for the broken remains of a once great statue. So, if you are working on your terrain collection, you might want to think about getting a giant hand…

I will, of course, be revealing more as we get closer to launch time, but for now you will just have to enjoy this early cover mock-up. This only has the artwork at low-resolution and not quite in its final alignment.

Finally, I’d like to take a second to address a comment that blog reader, Phil, made about Ghost Archipelago and its perception as a ‘Pirate Game’. There has, indeed, been some confusion in the wargaming community. Some people have written Ghost Archipelago off because they don’t play pirate games. In truth, this is probably my fault. Early on, when I was talking about the game, I did use the ‘p’ word a couple of times. In my mind, I was just using it as short-hand for a specific type of setting – lots of jungles, boats, lost treasure, the like. But, of course, Ghost Archipelago is really a fantasy game, filled with heroes, magic, and fantastical creatures. The players are not pirates (unless they want to be) and ‘piracy’ has no real part in the game – no one is seizing ships at any rate.

So, if you don’t like ‘pirate games’, then don’t worry, this is a fantasy game. If you do like ‘pirate games’, you will probably enjoy a lot of what Ghost Archipelago has to offer, if you don’t mind a good chunk of fantasy as well.


  1. Similar confusion with Frostgrave being "Mordheim in Snow", I think.

    I dunno why, the entire art and style and presentation is utterly different!


    1. For many people, Games Workshop games are their only reference point for the hobby.

    2. Yes, I think you might be right - it's so pervasive that even relative grognards use it as a reference stick.

      Need more Fritz Leiber, less Black Library as reading primers ;)

    3. I've got nothing against the Black Library - read a few myself - by Fritz Leiber is a grand-master for a reason!

    4. I must confess I've a few in the loft :D

      But I wouldn't use CS Lewis as source material for a Lord of the Rings game ;)

  2. This is exciting news. Love the stuff you keep pumping out for Frostgrave! Keep up the great work. I know what you mean about people thinking this is a pirate game. It is one of the misconceptions I address when I talk to people about GA.

  3. Wow! Getting ahead of the game when it comes to passing out new info. Thanks Joe. I'm excited to see what the Lost Isles hold for us all.

  4. A bad-ass, dressed in cool Arabic garb, fights a giant scorpion, atop a vast hand, rising out of a trackless jungle? I think that nails the pulp heroic fantasy aesthetic. Congratulations on getting such momentum with the whole Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago system.

  5. Want a giant hand holding a sphere? Thomarillion has it.