Tuesday 15 December 2020

Defend the Cottage!

I finished painting this cottage a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to show it off. It's my second building from Tabletop World, and, like the first, it is a beauty. The detail is deep and wonderful. It's not only well sculpted, but just has terrific character. Here it is being used for cover by a pair of High Vault Guards.

If you look closely, you can see that I have mounted the cottage on a thin base of cork. This serves several purposes. First, it brings the building up just a bit, which counteracts the height that figures gain from their bases, keeping the height properly in scale. It also gives the cottage a grippy base, so it is more inclined to stay in place during a game. Finally, it helps absorb some impact, when it is moved around and placed on the table or back in storage. I went back and added such a base to my first building as well.

Having finished two such buildings and enjoyed them both, I think I might be ready to tackle something a little bigger. We shall see!


  1. Tabletop Worlds buildings are incredible! Did you see the series of videos from Real Terrain Hobbies? There is a giant build with these products: https://youtu.be/fuQ9hpXDD9k

  2. This stuff is looking really lush; rather like Victorian book illustrations.
    Those Tabletop Worlds buildings are amazing.

  3. I'm waiting for the High Vault Guard to take on some Daleks - I always loved your home scenarios!

  4. Those buildings are chock-full of detail and paint up lovely. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  5. Interesting look, certainly will feel right in place in a dark wood somewhere !

  6. Awesome building Joe. I'm curious, for something of this size, do you use your high quality model paints or something a little more frugal?

    1. I have black and white craft paints, which I mix to do all of my larger 'stone work'. I also use a craft paint for my bases. All the rest is done with vallejos.

  7. A wonderful construction it looks perfect to match the High Volt Guard.

  8. Wonderful blog you have.
    However, it was hijacked and posted on The Miniatures Page by Tango01.
    Bloggers and other TMP members have been requesting that he cite the name of the blog as a courtesy. These requests have also been made to the owner of TMP who supports this conduct.