Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Blasting Wererats!

Got a bit of painting done this weekend, continuing my work on boardgame figures. The barkeep with shotgun comes from Zombicide: Undead or Alive, while the rat warriors come from Mice & Mystics. I was surprised by how well they fit together. This bodes well for Weird West games of the future! 

I've been spraying these figures with a heavier layer of varnish than usual, under the thought that boardgame figures probably get handled more than wargame miniatures. That might explain why I've got a bit of reflection going on in the photo, the shiny sheen isn't as noticeable live. 

Still got a little over half of the figures from the Mice & Mystics box to go. The Zombicide one contains so many figures that it isn't worth count yet!



  1. They look great Joe! Per your last pay my kids range from 10 to 4 and it is a chore trying to find a game that's engaging but doesn't end in tears!

  2. Looking very good, the rat on the right especially. What varnish are you using, and did you rebase the barkeep onto a 25mm GW style base?

  3. Varnish wise, I'm using Army Painter Satin varnish. I didn't rebase the barkeep, that's the base it comes on (which is very GW style). I just added flocking.

  4. Funny- I use that same satin varnish and have had people call me out on my photos looking too glossy- so now I take pictures of them before coating them with that varnish!