Monday, 7 November 2022



I spent a good deal of the weekend painting up board game pieces. I must admit, I do find it a bit of a strain, as the details are much shallower than on the traditional metal miniatures that I have spent most of my life painting. That said, with a bit of work and will, I think I've managed some pretty good results.

First up, we have the wizard mouse for Mice & Mystics, with a little ladybug on his arm. Then we've got a couple of figures from Zombicide: Undead or Alive, which kickstarted last year and which I just received. Normally, I don't like backing big, expensive kickstarters, and I only backed this one at a minimum level, but I really wanted the figures to use for Deadlands and the like. If I end up liking that game, that's a bonus! So, we've got a high-style lady packing a pair of revolvers and a giant mutant zombie thing (only about 100 to go!). 


  1. Have you ever thought about dipping your toe into the world of 3D printing some minis?

  2. Those Zombiecide minis are cool.