Thursday 23 February 2023


Every so often I see a miniature I just have to paint. That was the case with this Reaper Bones USA figure sculpted by Bobby Jackson. It just perfectly captures the idea of 'Rogue' for me when used in an adventuring gaming context. The mask, the dark cloak, the downturned dagger... but under that, the tough practical armour and clothing of an adventurer.

The Bones USA material is fantastic at capturing detail - certainly the best plastics that Reaper has produced. I do find it a bit difficult to work with, in terms of removing flash or mold lines, as they just don't want to come off - but these have been few and far between. As I've come to expect from current Bobby Jackson figures, this one was an absolutely joy to paint. He's a painter's sculptor, no doubt. 

In honour of the sculpt, I really gave it my all. While I wanted to preserve the 'man of the shadows' look, I was also conscious of not wanting the figure to come out 'dark' as this often makes it visually uninteresting. That's why I gave him the striking blue mask and tunic. There is just enough of it to bring some pop to the figure without overloading. I used that same blue to highlight the cloak. I wanted him to have slightly rough, travel-stained look, so I used slightly heavier washes than normal.

A highly-recommended miniature, who I'm going to have to work into some gaming!


  1. What a fantastic paint job!

  2. Ooh, that's a great sculpt. I like how simple many of the Bones minis are; and the paint job is nice and neat.

  3. Y'know, I dug back through all 23 pages worth of Bobby Jackson sculpts at Reaper and he's done at least a half-dozen variations on this sculpt, some of them dating back over 20 years at this point. This is the most recent and perhaps the nicest of the lot, but there are quite a few other "cloaked guy, face covered, carrying dagger" figs from Jackson, some in more interesting poses, others nearly identical - and if you don't mind other weapons he's got over a dozen more of this general type. The man is very fond of doing "cloth over face" models in general, and that's not counting the three or four masked plague doctors he's done. .