Thursday 2 March 2023



I admit it. Quicksilver is not my favourite Marvel character. In fact, I can't say I have much opinion on him one way or another. Really, I wanted the Scarlet Witch and he came in the box. For some reason though, I decided to paint him first, and I did enjoy it. I painted his suit a slightly darker blue than is usually seen in the comics because I thought it would better contrast with the white. I then mixed a tiny bit of silver in with the white, for no better reason than his name is Quicksilver. The black-lining looks a bit harsher in the photo than it does on he actual figure. 

I'm not sure why they modelled the figure on an exploding rock, but I'm not a sculptor, so I'll accept that it probably looks better that way. So, he's not my favourite superhero, but he's still a nice little addition to the collection.

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