Friday 28 April 2023

Old Bones 2 is Out Now!

Old Bones, Issue 2 is now available in print-on-demand and PDF at DriveThru.

In this issue, you will find:

* Meta-Magic in Frostgrave - Ten new spells that directly effect other spells.

* Web of Lies  - An Oathmark scenario with a very big spider!

* Hoverchairs - Getting around in Stargrave without legs.

* The Headless Rider - A solo scenario for The Silver Bayonet.

* Books of Illusionary Form - New possibilities for the Illusionary Soldier spell in Frostgrave.

* A Dangerous Message - A solo scenario for Rangers of Shadow Deep, featuring just the ranger.

* Alladorean Lucky Penny - A little bit of luck for Rangers of Shadow Deep characters.


  1. What a cool reminder of how large the Joseph A. McCullough Ruleverse has grown.

  2. I've just played "a dangerous message". Great Game ! Very good addition to the MultiGrave.
    Pics on my blog ^^ just here ------------>

  3. Just played "A dangerous message". I really enjoyed the game.
    Pics on my Blog :

    Oathmark scenario seems good too. Thanks !