Tuesday 9 May 2023

Stormcast Eternal

It only took (how many?) years, but I have painted my first Stormcast Eternal from Games Workshop. I must admit, when they first released Age of Sigmar, I was unimpressed with the Stormcast. They have changed a lot over the years though. They've grown taller and more proportional. They sometimes go without helmets. Women have joined their ranks. etc.

I still probably wouldn't have bought any, but I wandered into W.H. Smith and saw the first issue of the Stormbringer, partworks magazine for £3. It included this mini and a hobgoblin I have yet to paint. I figured it was worth the punt.

I certainly got my money's worth. It took me ages to paint this figure. At least twice what I spend on most figures, but for the most part, I enjoyed it. There is a lot of detail, but not the overwhelming amount found on some modern GW stuff. 

I enjoyed it enough to buy another issue of the magazine that has 3 more stormcast... although this time for £9. See how they suck you in?

Here's an amusing size comparison. The stormcast standing with Thor from Marvel: Crisis Protocol, and a GW Imperial Guard Medic figure from the 1980s. Those GW minis have grown a tad!


  1. To be fair about the size comparizon, stormcast eternals are supposed to be taller than normal humans. They've been transformed and remade bigger and stronger than mere mortals after all! But otherwise, yeah GW models have grown significantly over the years.

    I also agree with you about the excessive details GW put on their minis. Painting them can feel like a chore sometimes... However you can sometimes improve a model significantly by cutting/filing/trimming unnecessary details, which is easy enough to do thanks to the plastic material.

  2. Aw... look at that teeny-tiny medic. Does his mum know that he is out?

  3. Paintwise I find them well designed and responsive to simple techniques/contrasts. But still the charm of 90s/early 2k workshop minis has been lost.