Friday 18 August 2023

Me, the Time Lord


Last week I got a real desire to paint a Doctor Who figure, but I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted. Then I realized I had a pretty good Time Lord figure sitting in my lead pile. What I had, was a miniature of... me. This figure was sculpted as a gift when I left Osprey Publishing. I was given a copy of the figure painted by Kev Dallimore and several bare metal ones. Until now, I've never had the courage to paint one, but I got inspired. Now I'm planning on him leading my new Stargrave crew!

This is the rogue Time Lord known as Chance. In his stolen Tardis he has rounded up a crew of desperate freedom fighters to battle against the Daleks (and possibly the Time Lords) in an effort to protect people during the Time War. 

I debated how to depict his Tardis. Logically, there is no reason it should look like a police box. In fact, it could literally be anything else. But, if it can be anything, how do you know its a Tardis? I toyed with using the cola machine miniature I've got, but it didn't look quite big enough. In the end, I think, if you want a Tardis on the wargaming table, it's got to be a police box. Luckily, I've had this one for years. It's a resin piece, but I cannot remember where I got it.

Now to get to work on the rest of the crew!


  1. Good stuff, Joe, as I always enjoy seeing people suddenly getting inspired by something and diving into their collection to paint something up as a result.

  2. as an alternative if you have a spare toilet roll hanging around! I like your take on the Doctor. Keep us all updated.

  3. You make a great looking Time Lord; and that's a fun theme for a Stargrave Crew.

  4. I think you're spot on with your TARDIS logic. Imagine putting down anything that isn't a police box... "What's that?" - "TARDIS" - "Is it?!"
    Great looking minis too!