Thursday 4 April 2024



Another 'give it my all' weekend figure. This is another Reaper Bones USA figure sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I wanted to paint it, specifically, because of my recent interest in the OSR style of role-playing. I won't go deep into that topic here, but essentially OSR looks back to the earliest days of role-playing, of Dungeons & Dragons specifically, when 'dungeon crawling' was the central focus of the game. Back in those days, carrying a torch was crucial for dungeon explorers, so crucial, in fact, that adventuring groups often hired someone specifically to carry torches. 

Painting this figure was another way to explore this idea, mentally, while giving my fingers something to do. As always with BJ sculpts cast in either metal or Bones USA, the figure was a delight to paint, with both lots of character, and hard cuts separating detail. 


  1. Nicely done, I really like the subtle lighting from the torch. What OSR games are you playing? Any chance you’ll be doing some design in that sphere?

    1. I've been digging Shadowdark at the moment. I might dabble in that sphere, but have no plans to do anything major.

  2. That's a lovely mini and the paint job gives it so much more character.

  3. Nice paint job! Happen to come across the same Reaper miniature and experienced indeed that old D&D 1st Edition feeling of cautiously blundering through a dungeon deep below Zenopus' Tower on a hilltop near the sea.