Tuesday 9 July 2024

A Bad Night for the Town Watch...

I painted my first two Anno Domini 1666 figures. These are the metal versions, and I'm delighted with the look and quality - though I will admit the weapons are very slender (the downside to realistically scaled). 

I didn't feel ready to tackle any of the characters, so I went for a couple of town guardsmen to get me started. 

Just for fun, I shot them in front of one of my Tabletop World houses and with a few Reaper giant rats. I like the combined look so much, I'm thinking about running some Rangers of Shadow Deep games with a more 17th century look to it! 


  1. Those are some R.O.U.S.'s!! I like the AD1666 minis too. I wonder how they line up with the Northstar minis. Are they 28mm or 32mm?

  2. These have turned out very nicely indeed!
    Alan Tradgardland

  3. A couple of nice figures which i hope will inspire you to press on with some more. A smart house too.

  4. "Cheese it lads! It the Pox Rats!"