Tuesday 11 June 2024

Caphid Attack!


It's muskets versus alien bugs on the Deathship!

I'm continuing to paint the aliens figures needed to play Deathship One, and I must admit, enjoying the photo opportunities. These aliens bugs are called the caphids. They are based on camel crickets, which were one of the great fears of my childhood. Whenever I had to go down to the basement, I knew they'd be lurking there. They are completely harmless, but they are about the size of these figures, and when you turned on the light, they would hop all over the place - including straight at you. And these guys were capable of hoping a metre or more at a go! 

Caphids are the least fearsome of the aliens found on the Deathship, but they are fast and tend to show up in greater numbers. Take them down quick if you can!

If you'd like your own caphid models you can order them from Bobby Jackson (including STLs) if you want them in the UK, you can order them through North Star.


  1. I love how colourfully you've painted your Deathship One aliens.