Monday 26 May 2014

Defend the Redoubt

When the forces of Mordor broke through the Rammas Echor, they left scattered bands of Gondorian soldiers behind. Some fled or hid until the fighting was over, but others tried to regroup and fight back as best they could. This is the story of one of those little groups...

As the Orcs came pouring over the Rammas Echor, their captain had ordered them to fall back to the ruined redoubt that stood a mile or so behind the lines. When dawn came, only four men had made it to the redoubt. Tired, afraid, they decided they would hold their position, come what may.  A few hours later, a small Orc scouting party, appeared before them. 

I set up this skirmish because I had just made a new little set of ruins out of some left over Hirst Art blocks, and I wanted to test it out in battle conditions. It was a very simple set up. Four Gondorians held the redoubt, attacked by six orcs. Both sides had four additional troopers who would come in at a random point in the game.

I'm using Wargames Factory Orcs for the forces of Mordor these days. They aren't the highest quality pieces, but I love the look, and the box set allows for huge variety of posses and weapons. I do cut the feet off their integral plastic bases before gluing them to GW bases in order to keep their height down to right about man-sized.

The Gondorians drew first blood, shooting down an Orc as he charged over a low rise.

Just as the first Orcs rushed headlong at the old redoubt, four more Gondorians come running to the fight! (note the little horns of the Orc sneaking around the top of the redoubt).

For a moment it looked pretty grim for the brave defenders. One Orc had managed to slip around the walls and attack from behind as the others tried to climb over the walls.

At that moment, another cry rang out over the field, and another small groups of Orcs joined the fray.

In a great display of martial prowess, the two soldiers holding the redoubt killed a pair of Orcs, including the one that had come from behind. Another fell off-screen. 

Both sets of reinforcements reached the redoubt at about the same moment.

Four Orcs charges to the left, while two more attempt to fight their way around the right. After the Gondorians hacked down another Orc, the Uruks lost their nerve and decided to try and run past the defenders instead of fighting them. 

Every Orc for himself! The two Orcs at the top of the screen were both shot down, seconds after this photo was taken!

The last three Orcs nearly made it off the board before being run down.

Amazingly, the Gondorians managed to exterminate the Orc force, while suffering no casualties. The old redoubt, long abandoned, had served well this day.


  1. Good little report. I like the setting and the use of the Osgiliath Vets - I need to get some of those...

  2. Great report! What rules are you using?

  3. What rules did you use for this great little game?

  4. I loved the storytelling aspect of that game, a great example of how small games can be fun!

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the compliments. I actually used the GW Lord of the Rings rules. They really are great for small skirmishes, though they really shine when a couple of heroes are included.