Saturday 10 May 2014

Witch-King Conversion

There is only one thing I didn’t like about Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the Witch King in his films, and that was the massively over-sized flail he wielded in his fight against Éowyn. The book says he used a ‘mace’. While the term mace is occasionally used to describe a one-handed flail, it more often refers to a metal club with some kind of spiked ball on the end. That is the kind of weapon that the Witch King used in my imagination, and that’s the weapon I wanted him carrying on my figure.

So, calling on the generosity of a fellow hobbyist, I acquired a plastic mace from a Fireforge plastic kit. It came attached to the arm, but that was no biggie. After cutting off the Witch King’s hand, I replaced it with the hand holding the mace. Just a quick pin and glue job. It’s a simple conversion, but I think it makes for a much improved figure. I think he is actually more menacing wielding this more believable mace than the over-sized flail.

Nazgul aren’t really much fun to paint. Even with a bit of extra silver on the Witch King, he is still basically a bunch of black robes. Still, a figure I’m glad to add to my collection. 


  1. Nice conversion looks very effective.

  2. Better than the original. Are you going to do a 'Twilight' one to match for when someone's wearing the One Ring?

  3. Nice, simple but oh how it enhances the look of the figure!